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Like Anyone Really Cares

(Insert Journal Subtitle Here...)

1/17/10 05:53 pm - Shameless self-promotion

Just a reminder-- anyone who buys a ticket for The Kimberly Trip show with Bowling for Soup (yes, THAT "Bowling for Soup"!) on Feb 2nd at the Boardwalk in Orangevale, gets a FREE (yes, THAT "Free"!) CD from our catalogue. Email me for more info-- How can you pass this up? I'm still pinching myself over the idea that we're opening for these guys! (and... no, this is not an ad...it's a PSA)

11/21/08 07:21 pm - pointless vent

Bank of America is an evil institution. As of tomorrow, after 22 years, they will lose my business forever.

That is all.

11/13/08 07:45 pm - Locksmiths my ass

So, in my brilliance, I locked my keys in the car tonight. I have no spare key. Smooth. $200 later, I have reclaimed my keys.

Locksmiths are evil money-grubbing bastards from the pits of hell. I wonder if they're hiring....

9/4/08 12:30 am - Sarah McClurg?

I'm half-listening to the vapid Sarah Palin speech, and I'm just waiting for her to tell me what a righteous dude Ferris Bueller is. Listen to her, without looking at her...and tell me I'm wrong.

It makes her speech much more tolerable too...wooohooo.

6/2/08 01:00 am - Holy crap!!!

We don't need to make videos anymore...other people do it for us!


4/16/08 06:18 pm - TKT- Musical Potty Mouths

So, upon browsing Amazon.com, I found it amusing that 3 of 5 available Kimberly Trip disks were labeled "[Explicit]". Damn right- That should make us edgier!


1/21/08 05:38 pm - Warning: The new soda is here!

So, I came across the brand new soda flavor, 'Diet Dr. Pepper Cherry Chocolate', the other day. Being a diet soda fan, I decided, "Why not? I'll pick up a bottle."

Holy crap, does it suck! I mean, a lot. NOT tasty. Or delicious. Really unpleasant. Grotesque. An assault on the taste buds. Didn't enjoy it in the least. Quite a failure in every area. Not money well spent. A regrettable decision, at best.

Hope I made my point.

1/4/08 10:26 am - Take Note

2008------- crappiest year EVER!!!

(ok, Jan. 4 might be a little early to make that statement. After all, there are still 362 days for it to redeem itself. And there have been some pretty crap-ass years in the past. Hell, bell bottoms and Rubik's Cubes aren't even cool this year. That's a good thing, right? Who am I to make this comment on the 4th day? Am I crazy? Maybe- but the belief stands.)

12/21/07 07:12 pm - radio irony

So, I'm listening to the Zone today. Sad. But that's not my point. They had one of their usual promo deals, "100.5 The Zone, Really Bad Music All The Time" kinda things. Cuz, you know, they suck. But this one said, "100.5 The Zone- Music To Make Your Work Day Fun!".

This led right into the awful Kid Rock Song "Picture". The opening line to this tune is, "Living my life in a slow HELL". woooohoooo!

Thank you, Zone, for making my work day FUN!

(and I hope I increased my indie cred by bashing a Clear Channel station...)

12/14/07 01:39 am - lessons

Must teach myself---

Staying up 'til 1:45AM writing music = not cool...especially if the song really freakin' blows hard.
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